• Euro Japan Cargo is air transportation, air freight forwarder.

  • Specialist Team proposes the best logistics solution
  • We propose the best coordinates of trading for customer's needs.
  • Today the trading business requires the improvement of air and sea transportation cost, technical knowledge based on consciousness infiltration to the transport rationalization.
  • We will provide the service to meet customer's needs by using our overseas
  • network flexibly.

  • To be free to Existing concept for the logistics industry
  • Today the logistic industry is often called "Old economy" ,but the logistics service is always required to any industry except for "PC's Downloading business" which could be called "New economy"
  • Under this situation we will realize and utilize as much as possible the high quality of Japanese logistics provider and it's various solutions, and we are the specialist team who is able to propose the New logistics structure to the customers.

  • Logistics support by using precise experience and trust gained for many years
  • We do not only provide the logistics service ,but also by utilizing our forwarder
  • experience and know-how, we propose the best logistics solution which makes advantage for customers on day by day needs basis.

  • Information forwarder to contribute customer's benefit
  • With our network in Europe specially with Italy we are proud that we have the close communication on minute by minute.
  • We always pursue our service quality which is normally overlooked and invisible in order to make customer's business goes smoothly. and have the trust from each customer.
  • We will always be the Unsung Hero behind customer's business and do the handling the cargo with the maximum care.

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